Tonia arose from the bed around 6.30am. She had barely slept for an hour. He stirred. She removed the sheet slowly, carefully, slipping out of it. Tip-toeing towards where her clothes had been tossed, her face caught the mirror staring at her. She halted in her track, stared back, and then slowly changed direction towards it. The mirror concealed nothing. It showed shame, guilt. Tears began to well up in her eyes. No! there was no time for emotions. She had to leave room 101 unnoticed. And she did.

Debo had noticed. He had remained in position, too disappointed to say anything. He had used his stirring as a smoke screen. With one eye open, he caught a glimpse of her looking at the mirror. Then he saw her pick her clothes, open the door and leave as secretly as she could.

He sat upright, put his hand on his face and thought, that girl.I shouldn’t have done it with her. Their emotions had gained ascendancy. Their desires had quenched their moral check, even though they were both workers in their campus fellowship.

Derele had said to him after one fellowship meeting, “Debo, I want you to work with Sister Tonia in the Follow-Up department”
“Sister who?”, he had asked.
“Tonia.” He repeated. “There she is”, Derele pointed.

Tonia had noticed and walked towards them in undulating steps. Even her gait and movements were suggestively sensual though it was covered by her modest dressing.

That was when it all began. When they started seeing each other.
When they started meeting in close doors.

As he sat in room 101, a shanty place with a 4 inches bed, an ash stained stool, and bugs infected old cushion, he remembered their first kiss.

They were at the solution center, a spot on campus where student just sat and reflected. They seemed to be the only ones there that night.

“Do you love me?” Tonia had asked.
“Look, Sister Tonia. I think we are taking this too far.Yes, I like you but we should just focus on what we have been assigned to do”

“Debo, don’t Sister me!” Tonia had interjected. “Then why do rise whenever we sit close to each other?”

“Rise?” Debo had displayed a bewildered look.
“Look” Tonia had pointed and gave a rueful smile. “Why do you brothers like to pretend? I want you to be sincere to me. You are attracted to me, aren’t you?”

Debo had rearranged himself. “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Her childish smile had remained, then confidently she edged closer and planted a kiss on his lips. This startled Debo at first but then that beast in him emerged and he took back leadership.

As he reminisced the event, a smile spread across his face. Yet only for a while , for the guilt gained back control, flushing through and repositioning his facial gesture.

This was their first night. It was not as exciting as expected. The fireworks had been floppy. A show of inexperience. He quickly got into his boxers, and these words escaped his lips,” O God, what have I done?”


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