warriTraveling by road to Sapele was nothing short of an exciting experience.The journey was smooth, and I appreciate Kelly and his crew, the organizers of the Sapele Youth Conference for inviting me and their hospitality.

There were a few things I noticed in this journey I undertook. Eleme roads of Portharcourt is terrible. The vehicle I joined had so much trouble going through it. I remember asking the driver, “Is there not a Governor here?”

“It is Amaechi now”, he responded in pidgin English, visibly annoyed as he maneuvered his vehicle through muddy potholes. “Him dey fight Jonathan instead of doing him road”.

Then the next words he continued to say struck a vital chord that got the ‘hmmms’ of all four of us in the vehicle. He said, “if him no fit build Portharcourt roads na Nigeria’s road he go fit repair when he become vice president ?”
I mean the roads were terrible. I am not an Akpabio fanatic but one must give good roads to him. You will not appreciate what I say until you visit Akwa Ibom and see the roads. Akwa Ibom people na true I dey talk?

When we got to Bayelsa, I was also disappointed. This is a state that has been receiving over N50 billion every month in the last 4 years and the place still looks like an ancient village. The road construction project I was told by the driver has been on for 4 years with little or no progress.
Then he pointed to me the road leading to President Goodluck’s village. The road didn’t look so good.

Warri, however, was impressive.
Warri ‘s road were well attended to. The city looked beautiful and organized and I began to wonder why Warri isn’t the State capital of Delta State. As a matter of fact, I asked. I have had the privilege of visiting Asaba, the state capital of Delta at least 3 times and I can say categorically that Warri far surpasses Asaba in beauty and glory. Well, that is just my personal opinion. Perhaps Deltans have their views. I would like to hear it. When I asked why Warri wasn’t the capital, one of the passengers actually said that the wife of the first Governor was from Asaba and that is why Warri lost it.If this is true, then we can again see the major influence of women in politics.

When we think of Warri, smiles spread through our faces. It is probably the home of pidgin. A place where every one is a comedian. Even their tonality cracks your ribs. A place where almost every comedian, both those from Edo and Delta, want to identify with. Warri, I hail o.

Meanwhile, I am in a bus headed for Portharcourt. Wish me a safe journey.


  1. Interesting piece. funny enough, just recently I asked a Deltan[sic] what he thinks about the Governor and the level of development in the state. He said and i quote “There is no light in delta state, no good infrastructure in Asaba. The Governor is going to jail as soon as he leaves office!’. I often wonder what these so-called oil producing states do with all of their funds! I have been to Akwaibom and i must say that the government there has been impressive in the area of Infrastructure. Akwaibom truly Ayaya.

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