GOOD GIRLS don’t get married; it is SMART GIRLS who do.
GIRLS  wait for Mr. right to show up and marry them
SMART GIRLS become miss right so as to attract Mr. right
GOOD GIRLS wait and wait on the Lord to bring their so-called husband.
SMART GIRLS position themselves to be seen by their husbands.

GOOD GIRLS believe that wading off suitors is a sign of being discipline and responsible;
SMART GIRLS listen to every one knowing that God’s best gift usually comes as seed

SMART GIRLS marry the good guys eventually; GOOD GIRLS  marry the left overs

Don’t get it twisted. SMART GIRLS are not necessarily bad girls.They are good girls who are wise girls. They usually marry on time. GOOD GIRLS don’t end up marrying on time or don’t even get married at all.

Jesus spoke of 10 virgins. 5 were wise and the other 5 were foolish.
Being a virgin doesn’t mean you are wise. Get smart. Don’t be single and stupid.


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