There are 7 most important success skills. Successful people usually have all 7 active in their lives. They constantly improve themselves in those 7 areas. When we recognized these skills in PowerMinds, we created a 7 day intensive course in these 7 areas. Today, more than 100 participants have taken the course.

What are these 7 areas? Successful are skillful in the following areas

1. VISIONEER : Converting virtual to actual, transfering things from mind to hand. They understand conceptualization, articulation, and actualization skills. They don’t just see their goals, they make others see it too

2. COMMUNICATION: They are skillful in Casting their vision, Connecting with people who can help them ,and Convincing people to follow them

3.LEADERSHIP: They are skilful leaders. They understand the dynamics of infleunce. They know how they can duplicate their efforts and multiply their results through teamwork.

4.SELLING : They can sell. They know that nothing succeeds until somebody sells. They master branding, packaging and promotions.

5. FINANCIAL MASTERY: Successful know how to make, manage and multiply their resources

6. GOAL-SETTING AND ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT: They are skillful goal setters and getters, and know how to manage their activities. They understand the Pareto’s principle or what is called the 80/20 principle.

7. PERSONAL MASTERY: They know how to manage themselves, their talents, their emotions. A lot of them master NLP, NAC and CLP techniques

In PROGRAM 7 we teach these 7 skills as 7 courses. Most of the teachings are with work books so that you can learn enough to apply. YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH THE PROGRAM

Sms PROGRAM 7 to 07010656135 to get details. Or you can visit our corporate office POWERMINDS COMMUNITY. 63 UDOTUNG UBOH STREET, UYO, AKWA IBOM STATE. 2ND FLOOR, RM 1.


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