Akan came over to see me when he had really had it up to his neck. We sat at the office over 2 canned cokes as he told me his relationship ordeal. I had had to get him the drink to get him to chill. One could see that he was really worried.

“I met Emem in my Church”, he recounted his story almost regretfully. “She was in the ushering department so she was very noticeable. Her attitude was charming and really got my attention. When I asked her out, she told me to tell our pastor. I didn’t want to do. I thought we should know ourselves abit before I told my pastor. In reality, our pastor kicks against dating. He says dating is evil, that it is not in the bible and so being a daughter of this man of God she had to follow his precept.

“Well, I did without studying her or knowing who she was. When my pastor asked why I wanted to be around her, I had to say that I intended to marry her. We started our relationship, and pressure began to mount on me. To assure her, I met her mother and hinted my intentions to marry.

“Assured, Emem and I began to see regularly…and on one ocassion she came to my house and we both had sex. To be truthful, she did not want it to happen. I didn’t force her , though. We moved from heavy petting to sex. When she was done, she cried. She wasn’t a virgin but it did occur to me that she had abstained from sex for a long time. She told me that she would have to open up to our pastor. ‘open up ke’, I begged her not to tell our pastor and I promised her that I wouldn’t do it again.

“I was wrong. The next time we met, It happened again….and then again..and then again. Then one day she came and even asked for sex and I gave it to her. When we both get to church and hear what our pastor was saying about sex we would both feel guilty. Very guilty.

“But the sex was getting sweeter. We were bonding. I said to myself ,’this is the woman I must marry’. I could’t think of having sex with anyone else.I started making plans. I took her to my dad and my mother. Once she asked me ‘what if pastor asks whether we have had sex what would we say?’ I told her we would say no. After all, how are we so sure others were not doing it and pretending. Our pastor doesn’t wed people who have slept with each other. He also warned that anyone who allows him to wed them in lies would be cursed.

“Well, that is not all . Well, I was still worrying about that and thinking up ideas, when Emem came and told me she was pregnant.”

At this point I said aaaah.And then I asked, “Have you aborted it?”
“That is the fix I am in right now”, Akan told me. George, please help me.I can’t afford to tell my pastor. Emem is so depressed. She wants us to go and confess our sins.What do I do?”

Well, that just happened last week before I dashed into Lagos. Before I tell you what I told him, I would like to hear your views about the matter. Cheers.


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