Who isn’t any way? Even Jesus was a philosopher. Perhaps you, my reader, shifts a bit and need some explanation.Understanding the root meaning of the word “philosophy” may clear the air.

Philosophy has its root meaning from the Greek Language. Two Greek words were combined to form it, actually. You see, many English words are borrowed from several languages, including French, German, Latin and Greek. The first word that formed philosophy is called “philoe”. Philoe is a kind of love, popularly called “brotherly love” or “the sense of camaraderie that people feel with each other.” It also means to appreciate, admire or take interest in a matter such as to research and investigate it.

The second word is “Sophie”. Sophie speaks of wisdom, knowledge or understanding. If we put the two words together, that is, “Philoe” and “Sophie”, we will have something like this: “A lover of wisdom”. Now that is who a philosopher is: He is a lover of wisdom or a lover of research.

2500 years ago, in ancient Greece, a group of people called the “sophist” were formed. They were disciples and students, researchers and public speakers.They were lovers of wisdom.

I first listened to Jim Rohn in 2008 in a tape. Widely renown as America’s foremost business philosopher, he , through his tape, made me see another perspective or dimension of the word “philosophy”. Often, he would use the word “What’s your philosophy?”. In this light, he was broadening the term of the word. In essence, he was saying, “What is your paradigm?” or “What is your perspective, your view of the world?”

Our personal philosophies govern us. Our view of the world determines what we see , where we go, what we do, how we do it, and what happens to us. Your personal philosophy about relationships determines the health of your relationship.

Jim Rohn broadened my mind about the word ‘Philosophy’. A philosopher, thus, is a perspective changer. He is a paradigm shifter. A painter, a mental painter of some peculiar sort.

Jesus was a philosopher. He was not just a lover of wisdom, spiritual wisdom, he was a perspective changer. He made us see men, life and God in another light. His teachings were a paradigm shift. They were so strong the pharisees killed him.

Philosophers are story tellers. They are masters of metaphors. Stories paint pictures. They introduce visuals and feelings into every conversation. Stories are best used to shift paradigm or perspective. Stories have been used to pass down traditions from one generation to another. They are vehicles for the transmission of philosophies. And Jesus was good at that.We call it “parables”

The reasons the disciples could remember his message was because of the parables, the metaphors he used. People may forget the sermon but they would not forget the story. And if they remember the story, the principles of the sermon will be stored in their hearts, as they can easily extract it upon meditation of the story.

You are hidden history in human flesh. You are walking history. There is a story about you. Your life is a story. It is a story of what was or could have been, what is or what could be, or what will be or could be. So you will always connect with stories because we are evolving stories.

I tell stories. I use the mechanics and dynamics of story telling to shape minds, to influence people. And this works. Whether they are children, teenagers, adults, sales people or top executives, a story ,especially a well told one, will still do its magic, still have its mesmerizing effect.

So I research stories, human stories. I put them in books and magazines, audios and videos, seminars and conferences, Face Book and Twitter, Blogs and Sites.

I also sell stories. I think I have made more money as a story teller than as any other person.Yes, I must admit that I am a lover of wisdom; a creator of new perspectives, and a shifter of paradigms. I am a philosopher, and a proud one at that.

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