In the last two years I have spoken to not less than 200 singles individually.Both males and females. And yeah, yeah, plenty females. Some have had to come great distances to get to hear what they consider a wisdom I possess. While I don’t claim to be in any single’s ministry as I don’t believe any of such exist, I am thrilled at the number of singles who come to me for help. For the records, I am a life coach, not some love doctor. Our everyday life is intertwined with the issues of our relationships. And yes, that includes our business and our goings.I have seen a disastrous relationship affect people performance in the market place.

I noticed a particular sort, especially among the ladies: the self proclaimed VIRGINS.

In probing matters of the heart, especially that of love and strained relationships, experience lets me know that sexuality has a lot to do with the success of a relationship. If , say, a young woman were to complain that her relationship was lack luster and had lost the vibrancy that it once had, I would usually ask, ” Has he slept with you?” or ” Have you both been sleeping with each other?”. This I ask to verify issues and draw solutions. In some cases, yes the honest ones, I hear a yes.And in that light can help the person refocus and either revive the relationship or terminate it.

But the particular sort that draw my interest are the ones who say no , and claim that they are virgins. I have a lot of these ones who come to me for counsel.

Virgins? Why will a man suddenly lose interest if he hasn’t tasted the fruit?
They usually stay insistent and pride themselves with their virginity. But when I probe further I discover the following

1. Yes, we have never had sex but he kisses me.French kissing.

2. Yes, we engage in sometimes heaving petting and he touches my breast

3. The trust is that we touch our genitals.

4. Yes,we may sleep in the same room over night and even bath together .

5. He desires sex and since I don’t want to have sex, I masturbate him. He does that to me too.

Sorry if I what I just outlined was a bit raw, but sincerely these singles actually throw those lines to me and still claim to be virgins.

So what have I chosen to call them? I have chosen to call them TECHNICAL VIRGINS.

There has been no so-called penetration, but every other thing has been done. You know what ,singles? Devaluation process is almost always the same. The relationship will have cracks.

Yes,take this from me: You are not a virgin…lol…You are a technical virgin.

One virgin single actually said, “No kissing? Is that possible?”. Then madam don’t call yourself a virgin.

Another thing: Almost every lady I talk to start with that virgin talk. “I am a virgin”. They don’t realize it is simply a give away. True virgins don’t flaunt it.So must of them throw that big lie not until we continue in counseling and they realize that for them to receive my help they must open up.

Well, this is just my thought, my observation.Thank you for reading. I remain your Life Coach, George Essien.



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