When I was much younger I remember the fuss that was made about  Vision 2010. Do you remember? They said there will be education for all, food for all, house for all in 2010. Interestingly 2010 has come and passed. And all of those promises are yet to be fulfilled.Then there was the 2020 fuss. Everybody talked about it for a while.I know certain motivational speakers who organized seminars and conferences about Vision 2020. All kinds of NGOs here and there sprouted out.Perhaps it is because we are in now 2013, the Vision 2020 fuss has mellowed down and I have just recently started hearing about 2025.

What a Nation! A nation of dreams and ideas but no action.

Perhaps you have heard about the 3000 pounds bond that some high risk nations, as United Kingdom has chosen to call them, have to pay in order to receive 6 months visas to UK. Nigeria, Ghana, India and two other Nations has been black listed. The idea is that you pay that amount(3000 pounds)to UK Embassy and forfeit it if you fail to return back after your Visa has expired in 6 months. The Senate of Nigeria and House of Assemble of Nigeria have of course reacted to this new policy that possibly will begin in November this year. The reason for this decision by our former colonial masters is hydra headed. First, is the recent terrorist attack by two Nigerians on a UK Military official. Second, is the influx of Nigerians at their embassy in Abuja and Lagos.Nigerians, especially the Yorubas, are the second largest immigrants in United Kingdom. They are next to Jamaicans.

Why so many Nigerians there? The system there works. The leadership works. They can envisage things, say, vision 2025 and make it happen. But not so in Nigeria.

What is the hope of Nigeria? At the risk of being pessimistic, I want to say there is really no concrete hope. Unless we can deal with the leadership issue there is really no hope. Unless we can deal with corruption , all our plans will not work.

Nigerians are the most religious people in the world. But I dare say that Religion has not helped and cannot help us. Religion has not stopped corruption in Nigeria. In fact, corrupt leaders pally with our so called religious leaders and give them money or what is popularly called seeds.

If you get to Aso Rock and see the amount of money given to people, including our so called religious leaders , in ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ you will weep for the Nation of Nigeria.

Bill Clinton recently said that “African Nations don’t need great leaders but great institutions”. I begg to defer. African Nations need strong leaders who can build strong institutions.

That is our problem. We don’t have leaders who can make things happen. We don’t have intelligent leaders. Look at our presidential debates: Does the best mind win? Every one is there for his own oil bloc and second term. What Nigeria has received between 1956 when she discovered oil in 1956 and now is enough to make Nigeria as First world as Singapore. But billions of dollars have been stolen by corrupt leaders over these years.

I will not vote for Goodluck Johnathan in his second term bid. By the way, his body language says that he wants to go a second term. As a matter of fact, my friend just took a flight to Abuja this morning to be part of the 2nd term Campaign office. This friend of mine is involved in the designing of his campaign ads.

Johnthan, at best ,is a manager. Some times, he strikes me as one who is clueless. It was rather unfortunate that Nigerians voted for him on sentimental reasons in 2011. What Nigeria needs is strong leaership. Innovative leadership.

And until we have that, it is a pity but we will have to wait for a very long time….to see any so called NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION



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