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As long as marketing remains a duifficult job, it would always be available. There are thousands, if not millions of jobs, everywhere in Nigeria or any country you may be at waiting for you! Organizations are seeking people who can solve their marketing issues.

Developing your selling expertise is probably the greatest thing you will ever do for yourself. Salespeople never lack jobs. And since they bring in money to the organization, chances of them losing their job is very slim.

Salespeople are probably the most valuable people any organization has, especially if the sales people are effective.

The income potential of a salesman is very huge! One commission can make a millionaire over night.

Stop saying there are no jobs in Nigeria or in your country and become resourceful.Develop your selling expertise. Don’t run away from selling, for there will always be a job for the man who can sell or who is willing to sell.

You can actually sell your way to a contact that changes you life or offers you your dream job. Many people have eventually had far better jobs than the one they were doing while marketing

So how do you start? Easy. Walk into ANY organization and tell them you want to sell for them, even if it is on commission. Ask them to kit you up with their bronchures, catalogues and materuials.You will be surprised. Employers take special interest in people who are willing to market because the truth is that most people run away from selling.

A lot of people are usually afraid of rejection or failure.They want admin jobs.They want accounting jobs. They want office jobs. What is popularly called ‘white collar’ jobs.They just want to sit down, move papers around and earn a fat salary. There hardly ever will be a time employers in Nigeria will have enough space for those people…But they will ALWAYS have space for an extra marketer.

To succeed  in sales, bannish fear and shame. You are in the rejection business.

Second,learn about selling. Buy every book of Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar on sales. Don’t just buy, read and study them. I am a listening  person, and if you are too, you can fill your BB or mobile devise with audio materials that teach on sales, confidence building and success.

Third, go for it. Start selling. Meet people. Network.Follow lessons learnt from tapes and books and apply in everyday life. That is how to succeed.

I am still into sales. This time I sell my products and services.Selling has made me meet a lot of people. It has become very valuable for my own business.

Ray Kroc was a sales man. He met two brothers in Carlifonia and sold their McDonalds franchise. He eventually bought that restaurant that has today become the largest chain of fast food restaurant in the world with more than 3000 restaurants in the world.

Over the weekend, I read the biography of Sam Walton. Today the Walton family is the richest family in the world worth more than 100 billion Dollars. They are the owners of Walmart ,the largest supermarket in the world with thousands of branches;a supermarket far larger than Shop Rite. If Sam Walton were still alive today, he would be richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. He would have been the richest man in the world. Sam Walton, until his death in 1992 , was a sales man!

Your story can be the next big story….but you must start. You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great.


2 thoughts on “HOW TO GET A JOB QUICKLY

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  2. Mmm!real gudstuffs,inspirational banquate 4 me dat av made me fuly wellfed.well,i lov motivational speak too jus like u.truly we need more motivatiönal spekas.iv bin deep reseach 4 8 gudyear if not odd me more discoveries to b made n real mesages must b reeled to help d youth get right sence of direction early.i will surely contact you.udom dominik basy

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