paid to speakLearning to become a paid speaker is not an easy task. Getting paid for what you love to do takes practice and the necessary skills to take your career to the next level.Here are the top seven key strategies that are needed to reboot, recover and reignite your speaking business.

Key 1: Professional Speaker is a Skill Set, Not a Job Description.
Deploy your professional speaker skill set in other ways. Multiple revenue streams provide business-model resilience – it’s insurance at the simplest level. Your best practice advice is to diversify methods and media, by considering books, audio programs, e-learning modules, webinars, coaching programs and more.

Key 2: Every Speaking Business Needs a CEO.
Be the CEO of your speaking business. CEOs know when their company is profitable, or when it is not, and are NEVER okay with not making money. Your best practice advice is to schedule paydays, even if it’s as simple as marking the calendar for the second and fourth Friday of each month as “payday.” The self-paycheck practice establishes a much-needed sense of urgency with regard to cash flow.

Key 3: Establish a “Now More Than Ever” Mind-Set.
Figure it out. Figure out what buyers are deeply concerned about, what problems they are eager to solve, and what priorities they’re already spending money on. Speakers who believe their ideas are needed now more than ever and are in demand now more than ever, will be valued by their clients now more than ever! Your best practice advice is to live in the prospects’ world by researching their issues, challenges and pressures.
Key 4: Get Serious, Get Help, Or Get Out.
The top professionals in any field realize they cannot achieve success alone. They ask for help and invest in resources, tools, technology and people who can accelerate their learning and doing curves. If you can’t get serious or get help, get out – by taking a professional break and coming back into the business through a different “door.” Your best practice advice is to recommit by upgrading collateral materials, revamping the website, getting help by talking to NSA friends and mastermind groups, and by attending NSA events. You can also work with a speech coach or hire a speaker marketing firm.


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