georgeAs at the last count, I have put together 40 seminars. Of the 40, say about 8 have been flops. So I can averagely say that I have had an 80% success rate in organizing seminars.

Thus, I feel that I have enough experience to teach you how to organize successful seminars.

I organized my first seminar May 19, 2000 at Yaba College of Technology.
73 people were in attendance. I was an OND 1 student of Science Laboratory Technology at Yaba Tech, but had enough zeal to inspire people. As a matter of fact, I did not know everything I do today.But I just went ahead.

I was only 18.

Just imagine if at that time I had succombed to these words :”Look young man, go and do something else with your life. Go to school, run a business or get a good job. Do this motivational thing later”.

Often when I see young men who want to go into the motivational speaking industry, I remember myself. My passion. My raw zeal without knowledge.

I did not know that much…but with zeal and persistence, look at where I am today.
I am obviously not where I want to be but of course I am not where I used to be!

I travel around Nigeria speaking and training. I have grown on the job.
I have earned as much as N300,000 cash for speaking to an organization’s staff because of my sheer faith in myself .

I never discourage the wannabees.
I never tell them that they can’t do 2

I only tell the following: ” Don’t just be interested in this speaking business, be committed! Anybody can be interested in this industry. Many have ventured into it and gone to do other things at the end.Few stay. The ones that stay are the committed ones.

“There are only two times the Bible uses COMMIT to describe an act. First, it says Don’t COMMIT Adultery and second don’t COMMIT murder. What that means is that if you sleep with, take for an example, a virgin, the deed cannot be undone; she cannot be a virgin ever again. Same thing to murder. When you commit murder , the person cannot come back to life. To commit is total, extreme and irreversible.To be committed to something , therefore, means to not think of turning back but seeing it through”

My second seminar was in 2005 as a year 3 student of University of Uyo.I had over 200 students in attendance.For me that was a very big success!

I waited for 5 years because i needed to develop expertise.

Through out 2001 I attended Sam Adeyemi’s Ministry Mentorship Program . It was once every month through out the year. That program has evolved into what is today called DAYSTAR ACADEMY.

In 2004, I served under business consultant Wale Akinyemi who was working on a project in Uyo. That training was about a year.I learnt packaging, marketing, promotions…how to present with slides, how to produce powerful compelling slides and lots more.

In 2005, I was ready and I launched out!

Okay, let me share with you some tips that can help yoiu fill your halls and make money from the seminars. I use them till this day.

1. START BY MAKING YOUR SEMINARS FREE: Let people come and hear what you have first. I still do free seminars even today. But when people come in their numbers I sell them products and services. As a matter of fact, I never lose when I put together free seminars.

Paid seminars for a wannabe would most likely be a flop.Start with free seminars no matter how educative your subject is. There is a way to speak and hook the people such that they pay for the core stuff.

2. DEVELOP PRODUCTS: Have your own books, manuals, tapes and Cds you can sell.These are called backend products. Sell your services too. Sell, sell , sell through out your presentation.

3.ORGANIZE A ‘HOW TO’ SEMINAR: People want to know how to do this and that.

4.USE THE SOCIAL MEDIA: Advert on Facebook, Twitter, flickr, hi5 , googleplus are all free. Use it to promote your event.

5.WRITE LETTERS: Write letters to churches, organizations to send participants. Tell them to send specific number of people.Write a good sales letter, convincing them to be part of the seminar.

6. TAKE SEMINARS TO THE ORGANIZATIONS: You can go to teachers, nurses, police and offer to do free seminars there. They most likely will grant you the opportunity. Once they gather, sell products and services.

7. CHOOSE A GOOD LOCATION: I have used EEMJM Hotel twice. Venue cost N150,000 per use for the location I use. With wisdom I have used these halls for free. If you want me to teach you how, send TEACH ME SEMINARS to 08187133153.

8. USE FEEDBACK FORMS: No matter how good or bad your seminars turn out, hand out feed back forms. The forms should indicate how the people got to know about the seminar. Once you have discovered the most prominent feedback, focus on that. If ,for example, it was banners that attracted more people, focus on that.

9.BUILD A LIST: Never throw away the numbers and contacts of those who came for your seminars.Send them regular pleasant sms. These people can come back again and again if they enjoyed themselves the last time they came for your seminar.

10. CHOOSE A GOOD LOCATION: Make sure that your location is accessible. Don’t organize a paid seminar in an inferior hotel and hall. Most people come to seminars because of the location and price.

11. USE THE MEDIA: Find a way to be in the media. Television, radio…even as a guest artiste. I did. It is not as hard as you think. Just try! Write regularly for a newspaper too.

12.PIGGY-BAGGY: Do you know a star in your neighbourhood who can make a guest appearance for free? If you connect well they can be of help. There are very rich entrepreneurs that can come to speak at your event for free. Get them to.That is what PIGGY-BAGGY is all about…it simply means leveraging on the back of successful people.

13. USE ‘TEAR SLIP’ HANDBILLS: Flyers don’t bring people to seminars. They are only for branding. If you use flyers at all, add a slip that you can cut out that contains the receiver’s name, email and phone number.Always use that strategy.Follow up by sending sms to the slips that you have received from the flyers. That way no flyer or handbill is wasted.

14. SEND BULK SMS: Gather a list of people who attend seminars and then forward a classified ad to them. If it is strong enough, they will call you. I have a powerful ebook that can help you create classified ads and sales letter. Send SALES LETTER to 08187133153 and I would respond to you.

15. ASK FOR REFERRALS: Tell those who attend your seminar to invite people next time. Promise them discount on products or seminar fees.

16. KNOW HOW TO TALK: It all boils down to this. If you can’t give a good presentation, you will have issues having people coming back again. I can help you. I am professional speaker. Sms SPEAKER to 08187133153 and I would get back to you.

If you are outside the country, just send me an email

There are many more ways.

I have shared what works for me.20120825_130113

Ubong Essien who puts together PUBLIC SPEAKING SEMINARS charges N50,000 per participant. For him 8 participant is a sell out. To achieve that, he started by interviewing some of the topmost entrepreneurs in Nigeria, including Larry Izamoje of Brilla fm, Bunmi Oni of Cadbury, Pat Utomi of Lagos Business School, Christopher Kolade and many more. He interviewed them for his magazine. They in turn gave him the leverage to put together seminars that can be worth N50,000 per participant.

If this article has been a blessing to you, call me on 2348187133153. Cheers.



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