(1) It is not your BEGINNING that determines your BECOMING. It is your BELIEVING.

(2) I CAN is the father of I AM.

(3) The death of an Idea could the death of a business empire.

(4) When you ask God to make you financially bouyant,He gives you an idea. When you ask God for a harvest, He gives you a seed. When you ask God to make you famous, He gives you a talent.

(5) You don’t have a money problem, what you have is an idea problem. Any idea that is not good enough to fund itself is not good enough to be called a good idea.

(6) Passion Persuades

(7) Confidence convinces.

(8) Your certificate will give you acess to that interview; your knowledge will give you the job; but it is your skill that will give you a promotion.

(9) Skill is taking consistent action with improvement at the back of your mind.

(10) Habits will give you the same results. Skills will give you better results. In essence, a skill is greater than a habit.

(11) The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of questions that you ask yourself.

(12) Even your indecision is a decision.

(13) There are 2 kinds of failures: Those who thought and never did and those who did and never thought.

(14) It is better to try and fail than to fail to try.

(15) Inaction is the assassin of dreams

(16) You are probably ONE IDEA and ONE PERSON  away from your next success.

(17) We forget what we hear; we remember what we write down and we experience what we do

(18) Every person you meet is your teacher ; every circumstances that you face is a lesson.

(19) Every problem you face gives you an idea about who you really are.

(20) What you see you will pursue; vision inspires motivation.

(21) Vision and motion are related. Continous motion provokes promotion.

(22) Success is what you do today that others wait to do tomorrow.

(23) If you understand yesterday, observe today,you can predict tomorrow

(24) Any dream that is not big enough to scare you is not big enough to be called a dream.


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