sms AUTHOR, your name, email & location to 08187133153

Are you a writer? Are you one who has books yet unpublished and desperately want them published? Have you been cheated by a printer or publisher before and given a low quality book? Do you want to publish other people and make handsome profits from the venture?

You don’t have to struggle any more. On the Saturday,23rd of February,2013, I want to help just 20 intending authors.

Here is what I will show you:

1. How to know the exact amount you need to publish your book no matter the number of pages

2. How to handle the printing yourself with the aid of printers(the Engineers)

3. The different kinds of qualities that you can go for

4.How to publish and print other things like Calendars, Wedding cards and Programs etc.

Practical sessions will be at the printing press and all secrets would be revealed to you.

Then for those who want to polish their written works, I will show them the following:

1. Editing/ Proof reading. (How to Spot for Mistakes)

2. Getting powerful endorsements and comments for your book.

3. Strategic Launching.

4. How to create a soft copy of your book and sell it on

5. How to use your blog and Facebook to sell your books.

6. How to design a blog.

7. How to create other formats of your book that can increase your stream of income.

Now what would it take to be part of this. Do the following:

1. sms AUTHOR, your name, email and location to 08187133153

2. Prepare to be at Beton Cooks, Opposite former Mr Biggs, Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo on Saturday, 23 Feb, 2013 by 10am. It would one full day of exposure and learning.You may also call 08187133153 for directions. Please call only after you have sent the sms. I can work with only 20 authors per batch.

3. Registration: N5000. Payment should be made at the venue.

4. If you have your manuscripts come along with it.

Venue can only accommodate 20 participants. Early sending of that sms is important.

You will have money back guarantee if you are not satisfied at what you receive. What do you have to lose?Take action Now!


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