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It was really an exciting time as we engaged in a discussion Praise George, best selling author of over 60 books, over lunch at the Ikeja Shopping Plaza. Olanike Adebayo, an internationally published author of the book the REAL DEAL, was also there to share her own ideas.The following are some thoughts that Praise George shared.

George Essien: “Sir ,how did you develop such a distribution system for selling your books without having a church?”

Praise George : ” I have sold millions of my books.I publish my books myself.That is my company does that.Put together a seminar in Uyo and I will come and share my story.But let me give you clue,develop CONSISTENCY and people will buy into you.

Women made me rich. I focused on relationship books and I have countless numbers. Focus on a key need area, stay there long enough and a system would eventually form.My…

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