I put together my first public seminar at YABATECH,Lagos in May 19, 2000.That is 13 years ago.A long time in deed.I have horned my speaking skills all these many years.In 2005, I went fully professional depending solely on what I earned as a Speaker and Writer.And I have not done badly. People watch me on their Television Set every Thursday and I have made many National radio featuring.Even the Nation Newspaper recognize me as a Motivational Speaking Professional.

A lot of people meet me and say they want to learn how to not just speak but speak very powerfully.They want to know how they can become as dynamic and effective in speaking as I have been.And yes,I have been of tremendous help to very many.

I think I can also be of help to YOU.

I want to work with just 7 people.You heard me right – just 7 and no more.The second condition is that these 7 people must be in Akwa Ibom State or if they are far away must be willing to spare one full weekend with me as I share with them the following.

1.How To Overcome any form of Stage Fright or Glossophobia, the nervousness of the tongue.By the time with this Science of Self Confidence you totally overcome and terminate ANY form of stage fright.

2.How To Create YOUR own Atmosphere and Influence people through your dynamic speeches.

3.How to develop inspiring speeches that can MOVE any audience.The use of stories, illustrations and drama.

5. 7 Elements that facilitates effective Communication

6. 12 ways to Persuade Any Audience

7. 4 ways to Counter Manipulative Persuaders

8. 8 Ways to Interest an audience

9. Preparing a speech(Speech Writing)

10. How to package and sell your Speaking Services(The Business of Motivational Speaking)

In this weekend training, you will be exposed to videos of the very best in the industry.Free audios and ebooks would be given to you. The weekend will also have practical sessions and group interactions. All 7 speakers will be subsequently mentored and monitored by me a full one year.

Yes, it is a full package from me personally. But I will be working with only 7. The big question is how do you become a part of these 7 lucky speakers who would be mentored by me for the next 1 year. Here’s what to do:

1. Sms SPEAKER , add your name & location to 08187133153

2. Make the payment of the sum of N10,000 to Fidelity Bank. Account Name: George Essien. Account Number: 6013498428

2. Once payment is done, the teller number, your name, email and location should be sent to number 08187133153.

3.Only 7 people can be accommodated for this batch so all payments should be made before Friday the 1st of Feb 2013.Amount at the venue will be N12,000.

ONE MORE THING: I have decided to put a money back guarantee.Once you come to the venue a certain form would be given to you. That form will have the condition that if you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund. I , George Essien, would handle the entire sessions and would guide you through the process.

So what do you have to lose.If you want to really do PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING , let me help you.No one will do better than me for you.That is not a sales pitch brag but a commitment.Like I said it is not for every one.

I will be delighted to work with you and hopefully you with me. So let us do it. Venue : Beton Cooks, Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo. Date: Fri 1st Feb 2013 to Sunday 3rd Feb 2013. Time: 4pm(Fri). 10am(Sat). 4pm(Sun)

Please come with your proof of payment.


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