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I recently started a series on Television on the subject above and I have received a number of calls, emails and text messages from a lot of people around Nigeria.You can join on Thursdays on AKBC TV by 9.00am.If you have a START TIMES DECODER you can also view it anywhere you are in Nigeria.

People want to have a new year.They expect it to be better and more successful.But as sincere as these intentions and expectations are, they are mere wishes; wishes that would not be realized except YOU – yes YOU – realize the following

1. THERE WILL BE NO GOOD NEW YEAR UNLESS THERE IS A DEVELOPED NEW YOU:That is a statement of fact.For things to get better in 2013 you must CHANGE YOU….Change your mindset and mentality….Increase your capacity…develop yourself….increase your skill set.The state of YOU is important for a more productive year.

Write this down: Consistency is inferior to Improvement.You can’t do the same things you did in 2012, be the same person you were in 2012 ,and expect a different result.Consistency is good…but improving on what you are consistent about is better.So as you set goals for 2013 make sure that you add PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GOALS. What new skills do you want to acquire? What new mindset must you have?What new places do you want to visit? Who do you want to mentor you?Should you go back to school?Upgrade your certification?Go for more auditioning?How many books must you have read at the end of 2013? What seminars should you and would you attend?…REMEMBER, NO NEW YOU, NO NEW YEAR!

2.FORGET 2012. Yes you heard me right: FORGET 2012. Forget the failures and disappointments.Next year is going to be a good year!You cannot move forward looking backwards.Also, forget all those successes that you had achieved.To arrive too early is to arrive too soon.Success can set you up for failure…so be careful about it.See what new goals and challenges you can achieve in 2013.

3.DON’T JUST PRAY, PLAN! At the beginning of the new year millions will begin to engage in marathon fasting and prayers for practically the whole month of January.Is that good? Of course, it is! But don’t just pray, plan! Set the sail, God would send the wind.

Write those ideas, plans, visions and concepts down.Fix deadlines.Anticipate obstacles on paper.Proffer solutions on paper. Think options. Develop strategy.Map out financial plans.Write figures down.

This is planning!…Then you can go to God in prayer and say, “Lord, this is what I have done..adjust them to your will and breath on them”. Guess what? He will.

4.MOVE FROM ‘I CAN’ TO ‘I WILL’: I CAN is good.It is the start to success.All achievements begin with the intentions I CAN. I CAN is a decision…but I WILL is a determination.I WILL is greater than I CAN. I CAN is a suggestion, I WILL is a resolution.

I WILL is a dangerous word.It is a ‘No going back word’. You subconsciously use it when you have made up your mind. So move your mind from I CAN to I WILL and what a 2013 you will have!




TIME: 3PM on FRI 25TH JAN. & 10 AM SAT. 26TH JANUARY, 2013

For seat reservations sms INTERESTED to 08187133153,,,,


2 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE 2013 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER Part 1

  1. Very inspiring, I have been a victim of the “I CAN” mentality and I didn’t even realize it till I read your post! As of last week, I have started a self induced journey to find who I am and what I want to do to make me happy, both in my career and in my life in general. This “I WILL” mentality shall be used from here on out and I thank you for the insight!

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