For years now many pulpiteers and preachers have condemned Delilah as a prostitute and the one responsible for the ruining of the great man Samson.Of course she did.But then, I have this question for them: What made Samson keep coming back to Delilah even though he knew she wanted to find out the secret of his strength?

Could it have been just sex? I doubt. This is because there were prostitutes that Samson slept with but still went away.Or could it be that Delilah was the most beautiful girl in Philistine? I doubt that too.

I personally think that Delilah knew HOW TO KEEP HER MAN AT HOME.How to make a man return back to her laps.

Here are few secrets I guessed she used and every woman can use to keep her man.IF A MAN IS UNFAITHFUL…THE WOMAN OBVIOUSLY HAS LOST GROUND AND HASN’T BEING DOING HER JOB WELL. Let me share with you some Strategies I feel can be of help.I call it….


DELILAH STRATEGY 1: SMELL GOOD; LOOK GOOD. Don’t dress in wrapper after you are married.When your husband comes back from work, what does he see? A woman wrapped like and old, worn out woman? But that is not what he sees at work on those lovely secretaries and co workers.

Don’t smell soup or smoke when he comes back from work.Smell good, romantic and be on your sexiest bump shot so that when he comes home, he wondering and staring at you.Prayer won’t keep your husband at home.This will!…prayers

come later on once you have done that.

DELILAH STRATEGY 2: COOK WELL. Your husband should WANT TO COME BACK HOME TO EAT YOUR MEALS.All that talk about the maid does that is foolish.After good sex, a good meal is what ANY MAN wants from his wife.Will your husband be able to call his friends over to his house to eat your meal? Sister, learn how to cook.Stop making excuses.

DELILAH STRATEGY 3: BE HIS NUMBER ONE ENCOURAGER: No one should praise your husband more than you.NO ONE.Let him know that you are his number one cheer leader.Ask him about his business.Don’t advice him, just listen to him. Listening is the biggest encouragement he can receive from you.

Tell him sometimes: “My lord, saviour of my body, the one who leads me…i admire you” Do you know that is scriptural?Submission is a charm. it activates love naturally.

Your husband is not your friend or partner, he is your Lord.Give him the honour.

DELILAH STRATEGY 4: GIVE HIM GOOD SEX. Let every sexual time be one he would remember. Read the book ART OF MARRIAGE by Tim Lahaye. It would be of great help. Don’t take your sexual lief for granted. Many do. I have talked with not less than 5 married men who complain about their wives inexperience and refusal to learn about sex.

Sex is an art.It can be learnt..but please do it in marriage. There is less guilt and you are on the side of God.God watches married people have sex.And he is disappointed when any of them goes away unfulfilled.He created it and believes that if we do it properly we can get it right.

 All the best.


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