ImageAre you really going through stuff right now?
Have you lost your job?
Perhaps your business has crumbled.
2 days ago, a certain young man sent me a moving mail about how he had not only lost his job but also a relationship of over 4 years on the same day! I really felt for him.

Have you lost a sponsor?
A parent or guardian who took care of your school fees?

What are you going through today?
I personally have gone through stuff too. Think about it: betrayals, lost love, hunger, poverty, depression, disappointments, failed businesses, debts.All of them and more. But how have I been able to come out of every of these issues?

Here is how:
I determine to succeed against all odds.
I keep pushing. Keep moving. Keep praying.Keep working.
Life doesn’t happen to me. I happen to life.

I begin projects without guarantees of success except my faith in God and in myself, and continue to pick myself up again and again after all the setbacks and situations. I never stay down. I stand up again and again even when all my feelings say I should stay down.Even when everything points to failure and the negative.I get back up.

I keep making the calls, moving on after every nos to the next client, expecting a miracle yes. I keep being upbeat, optimistic.

I try to stay calm in whatever situations I find myself. That way I can think clearly and see through the situations I face.

I keep learning again and again.Develop new skills and horn and sharpen old ones. My library keeps growing in pile. But I don’t leave them there I transfer them to my head.

My mobile devices are filled with inspirational and business audio and visual materials that keep me motivated and energetic. And when I am online, I am reading through materials that infuse in me positive energy.

This way I have come out of any and every circumstance that I face.Circumstances have become my lessons and negative and bad people my teachers.

Move yourself forward this week! Progress is deliberate; stagnation is a choice. All the best.


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