A must read for anyone who wants to take CHARGE OF HIS FINANCIAL LIFE AND DESTINY


Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. You don’t thrive on assumptions; you should thrive on accurate and reliable information


        Let me emphatically say that I do not have a problem with those earn a decent living from their jobs. No my problem is not with them. My problem is with those who have the capacity to build businesses but who are satisfied with the peanuts they receive from their jobs. The highest any employer can pay you in Nigeria as a basic salary monthly is 8,000 Dollars. That is about 1 million Naira. Now if you can earn a million Naira a month, if your employer feels you are worth that amount, just imagine how much you can earn for yourself if you were your own boss. Here is a punch line: YOU EARN A MEAGER AMOUNT COMPARED TO HOW MUCH YOUR BOSS MAKES ,NO MATTER HOW…

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