I will never allow my failures to attack my heart, nor allow my success to get to my head. For I know that to arrive too early is to arrive too short

Success comes with its pride.Very little wisdom is gained from it, save that cocky feeling that I can replicate my success anytime I want. An error, I must admit. For times change. Circumstances are not always the same. People move on. I must be open to learning so as to be assured of success

Bad luck may be good luck, sometimes. Failure naturally births humility. A humility that allows for learning. More wisdom is gained from our mistakes than from our successes

In my pain, I gain. My failure is feedback. It says: wrong strategy! Try another method.And in my mess? I produce a message. My best stories are my mess stories

I have realized that Failure is part of the success process.I don’t take my experiences personally. I am detached. I am objective.

I do what I hate to get what I love. I know to grow, read to lead, learn to earn.

I am George Essien.Different. Adapting the world to me, not adapting to the world. I dare to be different. I know that where there is a risk, there is a way.

I am George Essien. Unpredictable. Spontaneous. Yet humble.

I am George Essien. Joy to many. Light to those in darkness.And in the business of hope.

I am George Essien.. Human. Very human. Fragile. Very fragile. Needing God. Needing Jesus. Praying daily. Studying the scriptures. Praying in tongues. Yes, I pray. That is where I draw strength from. Most times in tongues…hoping to exchange divine ideas.

I am George Essien. Mr Motivator. Life coach. Peak Performance Coach. REMEMBER THAT NAME