Selling is the transfer of passion.And passion persuades!
Passion is like an infectious disease; it is very contagious.

Don’t listen to a passionate person – you will contact his passion and he would take your money!

Think EXCHANGE.What do you have that is valuable to me that can cause me to give you the resources you want and that I have?

That is how to raise money.

Poor people exchange their time for peanuts; rich people exchange something else other than their time.It could be their talent, expertise, information or value.Never forget this: It is not the number of hours that you give to your boss that will get him to increase your salary, it is the value you bring that will provoke him to give you a promotion.The world does not pay you for the number of hours you work but for the VALUE you bring.


Barter.In the old days, money as we know it today was EXCHANGED through trade by barter.If you wanted beans and I wanted a horse and you had the horse and I had the beans you sought, an exchange could occur.This kind of monetary system was clumsy and had its challenges.However, this system can still work today.You can exchange your talent, skill, information, contacts for the resources  that you need for your business.

Just look out for people who require your information or contacts or skills in EXCHANGE for the resources you need.

The simplest way to raise money is to sell something.It could anything.

First look around you. What liabilities do you have around you? What is a liability? Robert Kiyosaki says: “A liability is anything you have that takes money away from you or has high maintenance value”

Your big sound system, television, on and off vehicle, designer dresses, numerous phones, could be liabilities. Sell them off. Most people  who say they don’t have money have a lot of liabilities around them. Women have unnecessary trinkets, jewelries, shoes, clothes they can dispose of to raise cash.

EXCHANGE YOUR ASSETS. An asset is anything you have that can bring money to you or has high value.What do you have around you? Perhaps it is your specialized skill, certificate, shares certificate, landed property, information, talent.Exchange it.

NEVER PAY CASH FOR WHAT YOU CAN EXCHANGE.Always remember that and you will ANY AMOUNT you seek.Watch out for Part 4 of this series. or or follow me on twitter @GeorgeEssienPPC.


  1. I realy want to be a part of this great words of wisdom from George , i desire a business of my own and i don’t realy know exactly what to do or were to start from. Please i need your advice. Thanks.

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