When a Man of CONCRETE idea meets a Man of money, exchange invariably occurs. You don’t have a money problem, what you have is an idea problem. You don’t have a fund problem what you have is a friendship problem.

 It’s your CONTACTS that eventually determine your CONTRACTS.

 It’s your NETWORK that eventually determines your NETWORTH

 It is ideas that start money, not the other way round. Money flows into concepts.

 Let this sink into your subconscious: ANY IDEA THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO FUND ITSELF IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE CALLED A GOOD IDEA. Never forget that.

 A consistent flow of ideas is the life blood of any business. Any organization that doesn’t have traffic of ideas will eventually die off. By ideas I mean new strategies and concepts. These ideas will not only attract the money you seek, they will keep the money flowing.

 I dare say that the true capital of any business is ideas. True money milling ideas will catch the investor’s eyes. Investors crave for information. Give it to them and you can have them give you money.

 Often I tell people who want to go into business to really work on their business ideas or plan. Make them profound. Make them valid. Make them fool proof. Answer questions that may arise from the potential investor’s mind.

 The quality of an idea will depend on the number of questions that it has been able to answer. It is true that people rarely fund starters. But give potential investors enough information about your business idea, and they will help you.

 The law is: Ideas magnetize money.

 Vision attracts provision – both monetary and human. If this is not happening that means that your idea is not authentic enough. There will always be money to fund a good idea.

 Make your idea worth the investor’s while.

 As you network with people, stop thinking of you. Start thinking of them. What is in it for them? Any personal vision, as the name imply remain personal and may experience a lot of difficulties. Make your personal vision corporate. Shift your minds set from profit to people.

 The truth is that this paradigm shift will eventually bring you all the profits that you desire. It is PEOPLE first, PROFIT next.


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