1.THEY GOSSIP: And gossip done positively can make them the best salespeople and networkers, as they do a lot of referrals easily.Sales and cash are both 4 letter words.They are cousins.There is no cash in business unless there is a sale.

2.THEY ARE NATURAL ECONOMIST:Women know how to plan, budget and plan the home naturally.They can easily take this skill to …the market place.

3.THEY EXPERIMENT IN THE KITCHEN:While cooking, a woman can come up with a lot of ideas that can make the food taste better. In business, Ideas – innovative ideas – are key.

4.THEY ARE EMOTIONAL:While men are logical creatures, women are emotional.Emotions simply means Energy in motion.It is passion, and passion persuades in business

5.WOMEN HAVE NATURAL INSTINCT:How many of us have had mothers who warned our dads of a certain business that our dad still pursued and it failed?I had.

6.WOMEN STILL END UP TAKING CARE OF THE FAMILY: Most men when they lose their job or fail majorly in business give up, and their wives in their bid to take care of the family, do petty trade and succeed at it.Do I have a witness?

7.THEY HAVE A POINT TO PROVE:Women are not inferior to men.God did not say a woman should submit to a man but that a wife should submit to her husband.Society and religion does not think so.And so women have a lot to prove.So given opportunity in business, women do exceptionally well.

Unfortunately, many ladies don’t know the potential they have.


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