For some they can’t even remember who or when they were deflowered.It is like ‘100 years’ ago.Or perhaps 100 persons ago.Being a virgin is out of vogue today.Or isnt it?

A certain lady on a chat with me on FB registered her frustration.She said that she was still a virgin and that her friends had been pressuring her to do away with it.

She was 28.That is what amazed me.However, I probed further, “How truly virgin are you?” To which she said, “I have done every other stuff aside real sex”. A virgin indeed.Ok let us call her a TECHNICAL VIRGIN.

I have always wanted to have 2 lovely girls…but with recent findings and discoveries I think I am changing my mind.lol.Let me go with the boys.Seriously, if only 2 in every 8 matured lady of 20 is a virgin then I wonder what the statistics would be like when OUR daughters are aged 20?God help us.

The person who took your virginity took away your SOUL.He or she took away your gift to your spouse.He or she took away your naivety; took away your blood gift to him or her. He or she took away your humility, such that you have no opportunity to look at your spouse on your marital bed and say, “please teach me”.

Let us encourage our younger ones to KEEP their virginity.Forget the condom stuff. How many even use it at all? And for you who is reading this and saying, “So what do I do?”

Here is my advice to you.You cannot be a virgin bodily again but you can be mentally.All you simply have to do is give yourself a SEX BREAK.May be for another one year.Let your soul be restored.Let your mind be renewed.Don’t sleep with the one you intend to get married to.Tell him/her you have a surprise for him/her on the wedding night.And then on that day CARRY NO ONE ALONG IN YOUR MIND TO THAT BED. Time restores the mind and so makes you a ‘mental virgin’ again.



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