Salary can be addictive. If you are on a regular salary you become diseased with what is called: sure wage syndrome. Regular salary gives you a false assumption of financial security. But you must realize that there is no such thing as financial security. There is ,however, something like Financial Freedom and only entrepreneurs can attain that.

Working for somebody is like “slavery”, just that this time you some wage. You earn a meager compared to how much your company makes. You do not experience financial freedom working for someone else because your employer or the organization determines the time you wake up, determines how long you work, and when you sleep. They also determine how much you are paid. They determine when you go on vacation, how long you spend with your loved ones. A job doesn’t give you freedom ;it enslaves you.
In a typical civil service job in Nigeria, you sit down and do almost nothing from morning until closing time, except gist, gossip, and for the women, sell or buy clothing materials to or from colleagues. That kind of job stifles creativity. It is void of challenge, and at best, “routinizes“ your activities .When you retire, you either get drained and used if you worked in slavish parastatal or you get totally bored.
When some retire, they  take their gratuity and dump into some investment or begin a business they think will succeed. Alas, they  are unskilled in the intricacies and technicalities of investments and so their business fails. If it didn’t, they would have to face the challenge of competing with the  young, enterprising entrepreneurs in the outside world. They have ,however, given their creativity and energy to the previous companies they worked for. They lack the drive to compete with these young people in business. Yes, they have experience, but surely not experience in real life, street business. And so, if they even have the heart to sustain through, they have to go through the learning curve every entrepreneur goes through.
Those who worked as civil servants, after retirement, line up, sometimes under the scorching sun to get peanuts from the Government. And if it is delayed, they rant and batter over radio and television programs, carrying posters and cards with them as they protest in Government houses. These are old men and women who should be enjoying the fruit of their labours. What a life!
Some young graduates are easily mesmerized by the flashy bank jobs here and there. They seem excited about the white collar shirts ,ties and fancy suits bankers wear. These banks may pay them huge amounts when they get the job, but they keep them working from morning till night. These bankers have no time for themselves or their loved ones. I call this slavery; slavery in a civilized modern manner. That cannot be financial freedom no matter the amount being paid. It is unfortunate that very many creative brains are concentrating themselves in the banks. Nigeria is large with possibilities, options ,and alternatives. I foresee a time when graduates will turn down these jobs and become their own bosses.
Others who work in multinationals think they can use their money ,get a manager, and start up a business. They pour in huge amounts into those businesses only to realize that success in business is not about money or capital, but about effective management. They suddenly realize that nobody can manage the business better than the one who initiated it. Business is like a baby; the mother who gave birth to it must wean and nurture it if it is to succeed.
Am I against apprenticeship? Am I against people working for others? Of course not! In apprenticeship you may gain experience and learn lessons, especially if you are in the right place, but chances are that your unique, undiluted approach would be relegated to the background as the so–called experience you gain under apprenticeship would be given preeminence, thus inhibiting original expression and limiting your success to the achievement of your master. Also, if you are not careful, the addictiveness and false security of your small or huge salary may prevent you from launching out.
The ultimate purpose of life is to be “Be Your Own Boss”, leave your own trail, your mark. You can work with others, not for others. Synergize through interdependence, not survive as a dependant.
Well, you can still work for others if you may or if you really must, but remember that salary is addictive and no time may be right enough for you to leave.


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