One element that facilitates sales is prospecting, and prospecting is the creative art of finding customers. To sell big, first look for the big fish. By that we mean, look for the main man in that company. The moment you get him you get the entire company. Don’t deal with the supervisors and managers. Ask for the director. And of course to do that, you must have a lot of confidence. If you succeed at reaching the CEO, you would have made a big sale if he agrees.
Another way to sell big is to think multiplication. There is a limit to how much you can sell alone. Traditional selling methods gets you to only earn from you efforts. Network marketing , however, enables you to earn from the efforts of all your down lines. I encourage you  to join a Network Marketing Business to appreciate the power of duplication.
You need a team. A team will multiply your effort. You will quadruple your results when you think multiplication through team work. The story is told of a horse pulling competition that happened many years ago. The strongest horse was able to pull 4000 pounds of iron sledge, beating every other horse. The second strongest horse was able to pull about 3500 pounds of iron sledge. When the organizers came together to contemplate what would happen if the two horses came together to pull the iron sledges, it was assumed that the partnership of the  first two strongest horses would pull about 7500 pounds of iron sledges. They were wrong. When the two actually came together, they pulled 9000 pounds of iron sledges. The fact is evident: Team work multiplies your results.
A third way to sell big is to build a reputation. In other words, be known for selling one thing. When you sell many things, you limit yourself. Look for a product you can believe in and stay at it. You will become successful at something you do for a very long time. By staying committed to a trade, you gain a reputation and your big sale is surely on the way.
Robert Greene says, “Your reputation will always precede. It would exaggerate your presence and qualities. Everything depends on reputation, guard it with all your heart”. Another philosopher once said, “ It is better to have a bad conscience than to have a bad reputation”.
A fourth way to sell big is to Package and Repackage. Packaging attracts. The common saying is true: Dress the way you want to addressed. If you are selling to bankers, dress like them. If you are selling to lawyers, dress in a conservative way. If you want to sell to poor people, dress in bright colours. Dress their dreams. If you are selling to a CEO, don’t dress like him, dress like his advisors. Some CEOs dress loosely and feel they have worked hard enough and earned enough to dress that way. Dressing like them puts you in their cade and literally insults them. If you are an upcoming sales person, just dress the way their advisors dress.
If you are a business man who has a product, remember that packaging attracts. Package your product. People will first see your product before they hear you talk about it. You may not have a second chance to make a first impression. Just by packaging  companies sell dry cornflakes. Imagine what you can sell if you will just repackage them. Even repackaging can change the sales. A certain author changed the title and cover page of his book and his slow selling book suddenly became a best seller.
Last but not the least, use the power of scarcity. If you are business man ,understand economics is about demand and supply. If you are a lover, understand  that  love is about appearances and disappearances. The flames of love grow sometimes in absence.
To sell big, once you have been in the market for a while, withdraw for while. Once you are missed and desired, reenter! Make the people want you. Make them search for your product. Let it be a talk of town. Then when you are sure that the desire is high, reenter the market. Scarcity increases value. But please don’t do this unless you have initially entered the customers consciousness. You do that by being everywhere. Then after a while you are found nowhere. This entry and reentry is the game that will help you sell big in life. You see, by reducing supply, you increase demand.

Selling big is a mental game. First, you must be confident enough to search for the big fish, be willing to think multiplication through team work, be consistent enough to be known for one thing, package and repackage yourself for success, and withdraw when you have entered their consciousness and then reenter.


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